Welcome to bakednormals3d.com's website location destination, where you are welcome to be! You have found the place that is all things Baked Normals 3D! We are the one-and-only, first, premier, small-time, non-GMO, pet-friendly, full-service, one-stop-shop for specifically everything we deliver at any given point in time.
We have an in-house full-service studio workshop, including 3D rendering, 3D printing (resin and FDM), CNC Carving, UV and epoxy resins, Digital 2D Art, physical 2D art, and more. As well as an in-house Tech support team managing our entire digital footprint and all hardware.

How they collide:
Everything is done either in our paint and resin studio or on a state-of-the-art PC workstation. Arts N Thangs houses an impressive collection of tools, paints, pigments, and resins to create beautiful handcrafted art. The team at Baked Normals works collaboratively throughout the 3D rendering pipeline, from modeling through final rendering. Simultaneously in the 3D printing pipeline, Modeling works with our slicing and 3D printing teams to produce amazing results. Workflow through a project is as fluid as you would imagine, with no formal training and all on-the-fly learning. Our team has assembled an impressive portfolio, which is showcased here.

BakedNormals3D Arts N Thangs
★Modeling ★Hand Painted Rocks
★Texturing/Shading ★Jewlery
★Lighting ★Portraits
★Animation ★Arts
★Rendering ★Thangs
★CNC Machining  
★In-House Tech